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Most People running non-profits are doing so because they have the heart but not necessarily the know how to make it successful. This is basically a course on how to run a successful non-profit. Two Thumbs Up.


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Hosted by David Oaks of WorldStage Development.


Minor Touches and Major Gifts is a discussion of how paying attention to minor touches can result in major gifts for your nonprofit.

David and his guests wrestle with such topics as how to say 'thank-you' with excellence;

How that with major gifts, major people & major opportunities: YOU GOTTA ASK!

How that most million-dollar gifts are preceded by one-hundred-dollar test gifts;


What is the ONE thing you want to try to get a first-time donor to do: GIVE A SECOND GIFT!


How diversity and inclusion have always been a problem.


How treating volunteers like they are already donors works, BECAUSE THEY ARE!


Listen to nonprofit leaders and their greatest allies in the business world talk about how pursuing excellence and giving attention to the smallest of details can result in your nonprofit getting all the money it needs!