Why I 'Bounce' After Seeing Your 'About' Page

Updated: Aug 10

Your "About" page is often the most visited page on your website or in your promotional material. And, on your website, it often has the highest "bounce" rate of any other page.

The "bounce rate" is the percentage of visitors to a website who leave after viewing that page. In other words, most of your potential donors "bounce" after seeing your poor “About Us" page.

Why do most "About" pages have such high bounce rates? BECAUSE THEY ARE LONG AND BORING AS DISHWATER.

Most "About" pages are hard to digest because they don't include your story. Your story on your "About" page is the content that will stay in a reader's head long after they have moved on. Did you catch the key phrase there?

Your story

A listing of your education and work history is NOT your story.

A listing of your services is NOT your story.

A listing of your professional affiliations is not your story.

A listing of the clubs and organizations you belong to is not your story.

A listing of all your accomplishments is not your story.

Leaders often think that the more B.A.s, M.A.s, and Ph.D.s they can list, the more people will be impressed.

They think a long listing of their accomplishments will impress.

On and on they will list their professional affiliations.


Those qualifications should be listed but in the context of your story.

Look at Delzer Eye Care's "Our Team" page on their website. Their team's stories are maximized, and their education is minimized.


Scott Delzer, Optometrist: "I know what it's like to have poor vision. I've been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade. And I know the difference seeing clearly can make in your life. That's why I decided I wanted to become an eye doctor."

Alyssa Pittman, Optometrist:

"As a mom, former athlete, and self-proclaimed crafter, I know how important it is to have good vision..."

The bio on your website's "About" page and in your promotional literature should invite readers into a story that piques their interest and earns a coveted spot in their memory.

Mike Kim says that if content is king, then context is the kingdom. Nowhere is the power of that statement more demonstrated than in the "About" page on your website, your Case For Support, or your one-pager.

What is your story?

Your story is the context that gives power to your content. It answers the big "why" in your bio.

Why do you have degrees and advanced degrees?

Why have you held positions and leadership roles?

Why are you now leading a nonprofit?

Why do you offer the services you do?

WHY are you WHO you are?

Your "About" page on your website and promotional material should give your potential donors the context for all of your content.

Your story involves some struggle or journey that has made or revealed who you are. You are where you are today because of some struggle or journey. Your story involves a "bloody hand."

That struggle or journey is your story. Your "About" page should draw people into that story. Your bio should at least mention your journey.

I helped my friends Rick and Sharon Wagner do their "About" page for their nonprofit, South Georgia House of Hope.

In 2005, having experienced the devastation and effects of alcoholism, addiction and abuse personally and in their own family, Rick and Sharon Wagner began to help others to find hope and freedom. In a bold move that, at the time, just felt like the right thing to do, the Wagners moved out of their home and into a hotel in order to give five women in recovery their home.

They gave the first financial gift, Teen Challenge donated the curriculum and House of Hope was born!

That context gives power to the website's content.

As Neville Medhora says, "Write an 'about' page that makes the NY Times want to write an article on you!"

I also had the privilege of helping my friend Angelia Taylor write the "About" section on her website.

Years ago, I became angry when my dad was not receiving the benefits I knew he was qualified for. It was then that I aggressively pursued becoming the expert he needed. I left the lucrative sectors in insurance to help him.

What I did for my dad, I now do for my clients. Nothing makes me happier than to get them more coverage for less. It's just wrong for you to miss so many benefits because you don't know about them.

Marley Sinclaire's 'About Us' page gives excellent context for her fabulous photography.

Having personally experienced the loss of magical moments, Marley Sinclaire has studied, learned, and invested in mastering the art of capturing special moments. "So many of my precious memories are lost forever... Now I have made it my life mission NEVER to miss capturing these moments for myself and others."

Doesn't that give Marley Sinclaire's content some powerful context?

This is the reason I give my story on my website:

People don't believe it when I tell them, but it's true: I AM SHY AND TIMID AND I HAVE RAISED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

As a kid, if you didn't speak to me, I didn't speak to you. I wasn't 'stuck-up', I just lived life afraid. Of everything, and everyone! I still live life afraid… I just do big things while I am afraid!

Growing up poor, I was enamored with money. Nowhere is the love of money greater that among those that don't have it! Money and questions... How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you give it away?

I always wanted to help the underdog. So I became a pastor. A financially poor pastor. I learned that one of the worst strategies for helping the poor is to be poor. Selah.

Yep. Early on, I learned that not much good happens in this world without the money to make it happen. I remember wondering why some leaders seemed to have all the money their organizations needed. I remember wondering why some leaders, like me, seemed to never have the money they needed?

And one last great example involves my friend Geoff Kullman. I know Geoff, and he has plenty of degrees and affiliations to list. But as a professional copywriter, he knows how un-memorable those things are. He understands the power of his story. Right on the first pages of his site, he gives his story.

Selah, pause and think about the story your "About” page, and your promotional material does or does not tell.

PLEASE stop making me bounce after seeing your "About" page.


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