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Jan 2023: Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas!

Congratulations! You kept your foot on the gas, AND YOU BROKE ALL YOUR FUNDRAISING RECORDS AT 2022 END-OF-YEAR!

Our Fundraising Accelerator students went over the top!

  • "This will be the first time that we will do ministry without dipping into our children's inheritance to pay for it!"

  • "I have already raised my entire budget for the year, and donors are telling me that there is more to come!"

  • "I doubled my next years budget, and I raised over half of it in December! IT IS UNBELIEVABLE"

  • "In December, I exponentially increased my impact for next year!"

  • "Not saying 'we,' 'us,' and 'our,' all the time really made a difference!"

  • "We have never done an end-of-year initiative before...we gained nineteen new donors...five lapsed donors started giving again...picked up two more monthly donors...several of our monthly donors gave even more...we are now at 60% fully funded!"

  • "This group has helped make fundraising part of the DNA of my ministry."

  • "We increased our next years budget by $60,000. Half of our matching gift came in on December 31st!"

  • "Several donors who hadn't given in years started giving again... several 'friends of friends' that I didn't know started giving...we more than doubled what we did last year and are $7,000 over!"

  • "To do this with a group was so encouraging...we have blown away our previous end-of-year campaigns."

  • "We are at 102% as of today..."

I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL! But, the work is not over! Now we move into the "thanking" and "reporting" phase of fundraising.

December was all about asking. We worked hard to tell our story, our constituent's story, our donor's story, and our legacy stories all year long. But in December, we stopped telling stories and asked for money at the end. AND, THE MONEY ROLLED IN!

But, don't fool yourself: THE WORK OF FUNDRAISING IS NOT OVER.

Successful fundraisers follow a "rhythm" of asking, thanking, and reporting. December was the biggest "asking" month of the year. Now we are in the "thanking" and "reporting" phase.

How you leave this "asking" phase determines how you will land in the next "thanking" and "reporting" and next "asking" phase. Here in January, you are already priming the pump for the time when you will ask again.


Remember the statistics for your first-time donors.

For every ten new first-time donors, only two will ever give again. Those eight donors will not stop giving; they will merely move on to the next organization that asks them.


Make sure you are writing great thank-you notes. If you haven't studied my resource in writing better thank you's, you can download it here (CLICK HERE).

You will want to email your donors and let them know where you landed in your end-of-year push.

Here is an example of such an email/social media post:

The following is an email I sent to my donors last year:

Dear <firstname>, ​ Years ago, Dr. Karl Menninger of the Menninger Clinic was asked, "If someone felt a nervous breakdown coming on, what would you suggest that they do?" ​ His reply? Find somebody else with a problem -- a serious one -- and get involved with that individual, helping them solve their problem. ​ Here's what Dr. Menninger knew... ​ He knew that when you help someone else solve their problems, your own problems get smaller. ​ He knew that you would no longer be thinking internally, letting things gnaw at your stomach, and getting disturbed about yourself. ​ Here's how that applies to you. BECAUSE YOU GOT INVOLVED IN RAISING UP THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS IN BETHLEHEM, YOUR MENTAL HEALTH IN 2021 WILL BE BETTER!I KNOW RIGHT!!!! ​ With your help, WE WENT OVER THE TOP IN OUR MATCHING GIVING EMPHASIS! ​ $81,353! ​ I cannot thank you enough! ​ You are providing strategic international opportunity for educators & influencers to train tomorrow's Middle Eastern leaders! ​ You paid for playground equipment and student desks, projectors, smart boards, teacher's desks, white boards, shelves, and a laptop, inside each classroom and benches, umbrellas, water fountain, climbing toys and a mat for the playground. ​ You are raising up future: - Family leaders - Education leaders - Government leaders - Media leaders - Celebration/Arts leaders - Faith leaders - Business leaders ​ AND, you sent potential nervous breakdowns scurrying like scalded dogs!!! ​ LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE! ​ Thanks one more time!! ​ Mentally healthy and sharp in the new year!, ​ David

I mean it when I say, 2023 will be our best year yet!!


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