Dec 30: Don't Take Your Foot Off The Gas!

We are now in THE most lucrative week of the year, cruising toward THE most lucrative day of the year: December 31.

For those fundraisers who know how to take advantage of it, DECEMBER 31 IS THE MOST LUCRATIVE DAY OF THE YEAR!

Today is December 30. Yesterday I helped you craft an email that you sent out. I have already heard from a number of you that did what I taught you, and the money has indeed been rolling in!

I repeat what I have been saying. Many fundraisers think it is all over now. After December 25 they believe that their fundraising is done for the year. So, they shut down the office, the staff gets the week off, no one answers the phone, and the next thing on the agenda is week one of 2022!

GREAT FUNDRAISERS KNOW THAT NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Nonprofit fundraisers who mop up here at the end of the year extend their holiday hours to benefit their donors; they don't shorten them. They notify their donors and prospects that someone will be available to assist them. Look at the email sent from CAF America:

CAF America knows that there is one day in this last week of the year that has proven year, after year, after year to be THE MOST LUCRATIVE DAY OF THE YEAR FOR FUNDRAISING.

They know that this one day brings in more money than ANY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR. What day is it? THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR, DECEMBER 31ST.

If you want to get your mission the money it needs, then here in the last week of the year, doing nothing to get the money that is yours IS NOT AN OPTION!

I have been challenging you to send out an email for the last couple of days. In this post I will give you some more help in the email you will send out today.

First, let me talk to you about the fear that some of you have, that you are sending too many emails here at the end of the year. Consider some of these things:

  • Everyone doesn't get all your emails. The average open rate is somewhere at 20%. That means that for every 100 emails you send, 80 of them remain unopened. Everyone is not receiving all your emails.

  • My donors will get burned out. Trust me; they won't! If they know you and believe in you, they like that you are working hard to fund your mission.

  • Unless you are sending twelve appeal letters, six printed newsletters, and fifty email appeals every year, you are not sending too much! (Steven Screen, This is the level that the organizations that live with being fully funded are at because they have found that it works!)


Don't forget to keep your supporters updated on your progress if you have set a goal.

Jeff and Yvonne Weinstein are doing a fantastic job in their fundraising. Their posts make their fundraising sound fun and exciting.

Who doesn't want to join their team! The Weinsteins are not average; they are doing extraordinary things. They are not just surviving; they are creating the kind of life change in Ugandans that people can't help but talk about, recommend, and choose to join their team! (Click the images and join their team, I have!).

Today, with some changes, we will resend that same email that I gave you two days ago. (go back and get it if you need it).

Now, if you can, don't send it to the people who have given in the last few days. (If you can't do that, don't worry about it).

If you use a template to do your email, please abandon it. Your email should look like you sat down and typed it right from your desk—no fancy stuff. A plain email directly from you works best.

Also, this email should come from you NOT your organization. Lauren Davis was just on the Minor Touches to Major Impact Podcast and she said that people are SIXTEEN TIMES more likely to interact with a person than with an organization. Selah...

Here are some things to change:

Subject line: Only one day left to help __Your Constituent.

First two lines:

I'm writing you today to ask you to send in a special year-end gift before December 31.
There's just one day left to send in a special year-end gift before December 31.

Also, change the line just before the salutation to reflect the "one day left" idea.

Say a prayer, press send and let me know what happens!


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