Countdown To The Money: Week 13

We are in the middle of THE most lucrative time of the year for nonprofit fundraising: THE END OF YEAR!

In the calendar year, fundraisers know three months are more significant than all the other ones: October, November, and December. More money comes in these three months of the year than all the other ones. The visionary fundraiser starts every year, working toward these last three months. Visionaries know that what is done in January, February, March, and the proceeding months can profoundly affect what happens in these last three months.

Of these three months, one month is the most significant: December. Visionary fundraisers always have a plan for December. Visionary fundraisers never come to December and wonder what they will do to participate in the most lucrative time of the year. Savvy fundraisers always arrive in December, having spent the previous eleven months doing the important work to make sure they are prepared for the most lucrative month of the year.

And, of the four weeks in December, one week is most important: The last week. What you do in this last week of December is paramount. What you do this last week of the year can determine whether you look back in astonished amazement at all the money you attracted or look back in bewilderment and defeat.

And, you should know that, of that last week, there is one most important day: December 31st! December 31st is by far THE most crucial fundraising day of the year. Your action or inaction on this most critical day matters supremely.

So, we are headed somewhere, and preparation for the journey couldn't be more necessary. We are in week thirteen in our countdown to week one, the last week of the year.

As I write this post, it is the first week of October. What we do in October and November differs from what we will do in December. In October and November, we are maximizing our storytelling. We do this with great intention because, in December, we will stop our storytelling and do one thing: ASK DONORS TO CREATE MORE STORIES WiTH THEIR GiviNG.

All of December, we will NOT be telling stories. All of December, we will be asking donors to make a difference with their financial gifts. Since the whole month of December involves asking for money, you want to "overdose" on storytelling in October and November.

"Overdosing" on stories in October and November will help you achieve something successful visionaries possess called outcome independence.

Outcome independence describes the state of being where no matter what happens in your fundraising, you live secure in yourself. It starts when you know your mission is divine. And, when you know that you have told way more stories than you have asked for money, you gain the self-assurance that allows you to focus less on what others think about you and more on the success of your vision.

Let me explain. When you "overdose" on storytelling every week of October and November, when December comes, and you ask for financial involvement, you don't have to feel any reluctance in asking.

Trust me when I tell you, in December, when you begin to ask for financial involvement, someone in your sphere of influence will say, "they sure do ask for money a lot." And when this happens, you will remain secure and confident, outcome independent, when you know this is not true. You will live in the truth that you tell WAY more stories of impact than you ask for financial gifts.

When you send out your printed appeal in the first week of December and continue to update people on the progress of your campaign in emails and your social media throughout the month, THERE WILL BE SOMEONE WHO UNSUBSCRIBES FROM YOUR MAILING LIST. But, if you have overdosed on storytelling in October and November, you can remain outcome independent. You will be free because you know and live in the truth: WE TELL STORIES OF IMPACT WAY MORE THAN WE ASK FOR MONEY.

So, here in week thirteen, counting down to week one at the end of the year, tell a story about one of your beneficiaries. Make sure this is a story about ONE beneficiary.

Post this story on your website blog and send it out through your email list and social media.

Start it like this: ​

Subject line: You made a difference in Sam's life! ​ Dear David, Great things are happening in (beneficiary's name)'s life, and they directly involve you. They involve you because your giving made them happen. Here's the story... Sam is living an amazing life now, but it was not always that way. Etc, etc... All this because of you David! How can I thank you enough. Thank you.

We are speeding toward week one, the last week of December. What you do here in week thirteen will make a massive difference in week one.

My goal in this post is to get you to tell one story. YOU CAN DO THIS: TELL A STORY ABOUT ONE OF YOUR BENEFICIARIES WHO HAS BEEN IMPACTED BY YOUR MISSION. Sit down and craft an email to your supporters. It doesn't have to be something that looks like it came from Hollywood or New York City. BE YOURSELF.


Post that story today and begin to draw people back to it through your email list and social media.




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