Bouncing Off The Walls With Marissa Nielsen!

Marissa Nielsen comes into your life with a bang!! She is full of energy, life and message! As the founder of a financial empire and host of her own show, "Live Life Rich," she teaches how that "the world needs you rich!"

A woman of strong faith, she says that poverty presents itself in four ways (and we spend too much time focusing on one of them):

  1. Financial

  2. Relational

  3. Spiritual

  4. Emotional

"You will never have a dream," she says, "unless you focus on all four."

I met Marissa in a mastermind group I belong to with Mike Kim. One day, it was my turn to be in the "hot seat" and let's just say that it was an emotional day!! It started with Mike Kim saying, "David, sounds like this is more of an emotional problem than a logistical problem." It was then that I lost the ability to respond logically and rationally! It was just a high pressure day and they told me what I needed to hear!

It was the next day that I received a text from Marissa, "Got some time today?" The leader of a financial empire, I know her time is scheduled out weeks in advance. I text back, "sure." She responds, "I just told my assistant to clear my schedule for the day, if you have the time, you are my priority!"

First of all, IF you can get on her schedule, she gets THOUSANDS of dollars per hour. And, she tells me she has a LONG waiting list of hopefuls. This is no small thing.

"All night long I just kept hearing that familiar voice say, David Oaks," she says. "So I am just being obedient. I have told my assistant to call everyone on my schedule and clear the day. It's you and me until we get through" (When she tells this story, she tells how her assistant was dumbfounded with disbelief at the important people she was rescheduling!).

I don't want to exaggerate, but for the first hour I just heaved and sobbed while she continually spoke kindness, faith and hope to my situation.

The rest of the afternoon, she walked me through her "buyer's journey" for my business. We strategized on next steps and by the end of the afternoon I was filled with hope again.

She helped me see a path of next steps for my business that filled me with enthusiasm and hope. Her team has also studied my financials and set me on a wonderful path.

I can't brag on this lady enough. She has been a God-send in my life and I want you to know her too.

Recently I was on her show and, with her stoking the energy, it was like bouncing off the walls! Before we ever started recording, we both set each other on fire and finally just had to stop talking so we could record the show!!

If you don't know Marissa Nielsen, I want to introduce you to her. Already know her? Then you are reading this and saying "ditto!"

Click on the link and listen to my guest appearance on "Living Life Rich Podcast With Marissa Nielsen." Then subscribe to her podcast, I listen to EVERYTHING she does!


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