HEY! I am David Oaks - personal growth junkie, ex-pastor, fundraiser, mentor, musician, and your new life's-tough-and-it-hurts buddy!


People don't believe it when I tell them, but it's true: I AM SHY AND TIMID AND I HAVE RAISED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!


As a kid, if you didn't speak to me, I didn't speak to you. I wasn't 'stuck-up', I just lived life afraid. Of everything, and everyone! I still live life afraid… I just do big things while I am afraid!

I learned as a kid that everything that says "free" isn't! Somebody paid for your "free" gift. And, it was probably you!


Growing up poor, I was enamored with money. Nowhere is the love of money greater that among those that don't have it! Money and questions... How do you get it? How do you keep it? How do you give it away?

I always wanted to help the underdog. So I became a pastor. A financially poor pastor. I learned that one of the worst strategies for helping the poor is to be poor. Selah.


Yep. Early on, I learned that not much good happens in this world without the money to make it happen. I remember wondering why some leaders seemed to have all the money their organizations needed. I remember wondering why some leaders, like me, seemed to never have the money they needed?

I made it my determined purpose to understand why that was. Along the way, I learned a lot! I learned that most of us nonprofit leaders are angels but when it comes to organizational development and fundraising, we are challenged.


I did learn the strategies to get the money I needed. And along the way I learned a lot of personal development, organizational development, marketing and promotion.


At thirty years old, I even enrolled in college! That first degree was hard, working multiple jobs, feeding my family and helping needy people all at once. I quit a few times. I always started back. You should know that my “four-year-degree” took me way longer than four years!!

It turned out that so much of the stuff I needed was exactly what my struggling friends need. Helping others had always been my passion. I have never helped someone else that it didn't help me too. Living the role of change advocate and armed with the strategies so many leaders need, I started my own business, WorldStage Development.


Now my whole life is dedicated to helping non and for-profit leaders get what they need to excel.


And, you should know, I enjoy blogging, and most of my content is distributed privately to my email list. Nonprofit leaders tell me they get a lot out of my ideas. You can subscribe here.  

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My education that informs my journey:

BA - Psychology, Albany State University

MA - Global Leadership, Fuller Graduate School

2019 - Certified StoryBrand Guide

2020 - Certified Fully Funded Fundraising Coach

David makes his home in Thomasville, Georgia with his wife of thirty-eight years, Anne and their cat, Mattie.