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Visionary Fundraising

Unleashing The Most Generous Generation In The History Of The World
Fundraisers struggle to find the strategies and confidence they need.

This leaves them feeling frustrated and insecure.

I help them tell stories and say thank you all the way to the bank!

Join the Minor Touches To Major Impact Fundraising Accelerator Coaching Group

  • Twice monthly group calls

  • Personal coaching with David

  • Professional storytelling & writing help

  • Personal time with storytelling coach Kay Helm​

    • A writer to help you write your stories

  • Slack community channel 

Join With Others On The Same Journey

Stop Fundraising Alone!

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Fundraising Alone

Lack of money
Small budget
Hard to dream
Feel looked down on
Struggling leader
Small vision


With The Group

Abundance of money
Large budget
Inspired to dream
Admired & confident
Relaxed leader
Large vision
Blissful & happy

Who Is The Minor Touches To Major Impact Accelerator For?

  • Nonprofit leaders who want to multiply their income two, three, even ten times more!

  • Missionaries who feel alone and unsure of what they are doing

  • Pastors who want to learn how they can make a difference in their church's income

Overcome Your Roadblocks Head On!

  • Learn what makes a vision compelling

  • Learn how to earn legitimacy with potential donors

  • Begin to position yourself as the attractive expert

  • Map out a journey for your donors

  • Learn to maximize your donor relationships

  • Be a part of a community who walks in your shoes and will be there for you

  • Find out how to get started receiving major gifts

  • Learn to become a master storyteller

Walk with me through my five step 'Minor Touches To Major Impact Framework.'

For Nonprofits

Compelling Vision

Nothing matters more than a compelling vision that highlights the problem you tackle as solved. Having a compelling vision makes your organization "visionary."


Your digital platform establishes your legitimacy to the world. Without legitimacy, you will never see your mission fully funded.

Attractive Expert

The best way to get the money your nonprofit needs is to "attract" it. Become the attractive expert who solves injustice, rights wrongs, and leaves the world in a better place.

Donor's Journey

Have an intentional plan to draw potential donors into a relational journey with you, upgrade their gifts, give their time and leave you a bequest in their estate plan.


Relationships are rocketships! Be strategic about leveraging your donor's influence in inviting others to join your mission.

What Do We Learn?

Annual Planning

Nonprofit Storytelling 

Being Donor Centered

One Liner


Missionizing Your Events

Major Gift Cultivation

Appreciation Events

Case For Support



Donor CRM's

Volunteer Issues

Your Platform

Blogging & Social Media

Media Kit

What Does It Cost?

$10,000 per year or $1,000 monthly

  • Twice monthly group calls

  • Personal coaching with David

  • Professional storytelling/writing help

  • Personal time with storytelling coach Kay Helm​

    • A writer to help you write your stories

  • Slack community channel 

Stop merely hearing about effective fundraising and begin to experience effective fundraising. With the internet, you have all the fundraising information you need. Actually, you are drowning in a sea of fundraising information. 

In the Minor Touches To Major Impact Fundraising Accelerator you will experience transformation rather than hear more information. The Accelerator is an experience with a personal coach who has been where you are and understands what you are feeling. It is also the experience of a community of fundraisers who are committed to helping each other.

Fundraising information is everywhere.

Fundraising transformation is scarce.

Too many people have information about fundraising.

Not enough people experience the joy of fundraising.

Too many people know that fundraising is true.

Not enough people experience fundraising as joyfully transformational.

Fundraisers are hungry for true community, deeper experiences and authentic transcendence with other fundraisers.

Fundraisers want the experience of engaging more than just their heads, they want to belong to a community that also engages their hearts and relationship.

Fundraisers don't want to know what is true about fundraising, they want to know that is real. What is real is deeper than ideas and information - it is a deeply moving experience.

Fundraisers are looking for something bigger than themselves, they are looking for the divine. They are looking for Providence.

Fundraisers are looking for something only described as you just had to be there!

As fundraisers consume more and more content it is leaving them hungry for greater community, greater experience, and greater transcendence. They want to move from anonymity to belonging. They want more than their head engaged with information, they want their heart engaged.

The Minor Touches To Major Impact Fundraising Accelerator aims to engage the fundraiser's soul in community, not just the head with information. 

What engages fundraisers in the group? PASSION! The whole group burns with passion to see our world changed for the better. Authenticity and passion inside the group releases fundraisers to a new level of performance. 

Go From Fundraising Information To Fundraising Transformation

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Fundraising based on storytelling and saying 'thank-you' is not hard.  It is actually fun!

Every week I send my latest insights and helpful tools to my private email list.  Fundraisers tell me they have used it to get them more money.


My Most Downloaded Assett: FREE

Getting That Elusive Second Gift By Writing Better Thank You's

80% of first-time donors never give a second gift. You can change that by celebrating donors when they give for the first time.
This asset has been downloaded thousands of times from all over the world.  It's free, my gift to you!
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Minor Touches To Major Impact Podcast For Nonprofits

Teaching you everything you need to know to get the confidence & money you need!

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What My Friends Say About Me


David Oaks is a brilliant coach and motivator who LOVES making heroes out of the organizations he works with. He is driven by the passion that it’s not about money, it’s about people!

One of the most valuable results I’ve seen David help organizations attain: helping them realize that minor touches lead to major impact. He helps organizations find amazing ways to say ‘thank-you.’

David has proven over and over again his ability to lead nonprofits and missionaries in seeing their missions fully funded.


If you’re looking to raise more funds and end the cycle of frustration, David Oaks is your guy! 


Chris Musgrove
Founder FutureNow

We were struggling to move forward both organizationally and financially. David’s weekly coaching, communication, and work arrived right on time!

David’s assistance helped us to knock our end of year campaign out of the park!  He is gifted at seeing where you are and how to get you to where you are supposed to be!

Contact David Oaks

Thomasville, GA 31757

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